Xbox Series X vs PS5

Nirmal Patel
3 min readOct 27, 2020


7 years later from the Xbox 360 Vs PS4, the console war emerges again….

In a year like no other, 2020 brings the console war back with new levels of innovation and excitement in gaming. The PS5, product of Sony, will be directly competing against Microsoft’s Gaming System, the Xbox One. Right before the holiday season kicks into full gear, the Xbox will come out on November 10th with the PS5 following two days later on November 12th.

Market Share

The top 3 selling consoles out in the market right now is the PS4, XBOX One, and the Nintendo Switch. Even though the Switch came out in 2017, it has already surpassed the total sales of the Xbox One. According to Forbes, since their respective release dates these are the total sales as of May 2020.

  1. PlayStation4 (2013): 108.9 Million
  2. Nintendo Switch (released in 2017): 52.48 million
  3. Xbox One (released in 2013): 46.9 million

As you can see, even with a 4 year lead, the Xbox has already been overtaken by Nintendo's popular switch console. The PS4 is the clear winner in the market but Xbox’s main competition is still the PlayStation, not the switch. Microsoft has a tough battle ahead of them for the new generation consoles if they want to keep their current loyal fanbases and eat up some of Sony’s market share. This will be tough to do so as Microsoft needs to prove they provide significant advantages to buying a PlayStation. Whether this be a lower price, better specs, or exclusive games, the battle will continue even after the initial release in November.


Source: NewsAtlas

The PS5 digital edition and Xbox Series S consoles that you see on the left side are consoles that are fully digitalized and don't take physical disks. Instead of gaming disks, these consoles are focused on only processing and playing digital games which are downloaded from their respective online game stores. Because of this, these two consoles require a little bit less hardware and are able to be priced cheaper than their main counterparts. The regular PS5 which will take digital downloads and disks will release at $499 while the Xbox Series X with the same capabilities will also come out at the same price.

With the same price before tax for both consoles, it will come down to a fierce battle between Sony and Microsoft to market their products and not only retain their current fanbase, but convert the other side to their side. Even after the initial release date, these two companies will continue go back and forth with each other for winning over fans and getting high sales for their platforms for at least the next 7–8 years. Then we’ll most likely see a fresh new battle of the XBOX VS PLAYSTATION!