iPhone 1 vs iPhone 12

It’s been around 13 years since Steve Jobs changed peoples lives with the introduction of the original iPhone. How does the original compare to the newest iPhones?

Iphone 11 Pro Max compared to the original Iphone

From the initial release in 2007 now, the iphone has transformed into one of the most most powerful handheld devices available today. It’s no debate that technology is constantly changing very fast but how different is the original iPhone to the latest new phone from apple, the iphone 12.


Screen Size and Storage

With a 3.5 inch screen, the original iphone held the small screen until the iPhone 5 where it expanded to 4 inches. Compare that to today where the top of the line model, the iphone 12 pro max, has a screen size of 6.7 inches!! The newest iphone almost has double the screen size of the original iphone. The base model for the iphone 1 was $499 before taxes and the base model now, the iphone 12 mini starts at $ 699. Another drastic change of the iPhone as time progressed is the available storage that comes with the phone. The ordinal iphones base model had 4 Gigabytes with a max of 8gb while the minimum storage offered today is 64gb and max, 512GB! For max storage, that's a whopping 6300% increase in storage available! It’s crazy to think that these devices that we keep in our pockets are capable of having that much storage but as technology is advancing, there are only more ways to fit more.

Memory and Camera

The original iPhone came out with a whopping 128 MP of onboard RAM, (Random Access Memory). While that may sound like a lot, which it did in 2007, the new iPhone 12 will come out with 4Gb of ram and 6Gb for pro version. For the 6Gb that's about a 4588% increase in memory!! This enables the phones to have intense capabilities to be on different applications at a time and support super fast 5G speeds. While it may have been hard to multitask on the original iPhone, consumers can now be on multiple apps of any app without any significant difference in performance and speed.

When the first iPhone came out, the thought of having a smartphone was crazy let alone a camera! However, even on the first phone, Apple was able to fit a 2.0 Megapixel camera in the phone which could be used by anyone and anywhere. Fast forward to today, the new iPhones are marketed heavily for their camera capabilities. Apple not only wants a great phone that can handle calls and apps, but rather want iPhones to have capabilities to create high quality content with photography and video as seen with DSLR cameras. The iPhone Pro Max has 3 cameras compared to one tiny one on the original iPhone. The new iPhone 12 pro Max has a 12.0 Megapixel Camera with three lenses that provide wide photos and cameras.

The drastic changes that have transformed the iPhone these past 13 years is a glimpse into how fast technology changes and improves year after year. The introduction of the iPhone was revolutionary and continues to be every new iPhone. What will the iPhone 13 bring??



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